Kween Ov Artz

I started just making paintings and drawings because I loved to create but over the years I have developed limitations in my work and sought to overcome them. This brand is about color and expression, it is my reminder that you can start small and still grow, much like flowers.

Mission Statement 

I strongly believe that creativity should be accessible to everyone. My mission as an artist and maker is to create tools that help everyone on their journey of expression. I hope to bring inspiration, motivation, and accessibility to all creative people. 

About The Artist

I was born in California in 1992 and moved to New England in 1996 to be closer to my parents' families. While living in Keene, New Hampshire I discovered my love for art at the age of 6. I began taking art classes and entering art contests, eventually winning a cigar box contest at the Prime Roast Coffee Shop at the age of 9 and the Keene pumpkin festival logo contest at the age of 11. I continued art courses and theater into high school. 

We moved back to California when I was 16 and I was enrolled in Castro Valley High Schools Art Academy, taking AP Studio and art history classes my junior year. I attended California College of Arts pre-college program in the summer of 2009 and graduated high school in 2010. 

Since then I have continued painting series of artworks that feature portrait subjects, cartoon designs, fashion, and recently have moved into digital art as well as costume makeup. I have had my work turned into tattoos, merchandise, prints, and been featured in several Bay Area nightlife “live painting” events and had my FloralEize series of paintings displayed at Zocalo Coffee Shop in San Leandro.

I currently reside in West Oakland with my husband, our three children, and our mini schnauzer. I continue to make art, sell merchandise, and book makeup appointments through by sending an email!


Upcoming Projects for 2020

The next year I plan to hit the ground running with crowdfunding from the ‘I Fund Women’ campaign that I launched in August of 2019. My three areas of focus for the next year will be maintaining ‘Art by Kel’ which is my painting commissions, bringing more merchandise and life to my clothing brand ‘kweenovartz’, and the product development of my line of makeup tools called ‘KelBeauty’. The makeup tools are currently with a manufacturer to be launched in the summer of 2020, patent-pending.

Art by Kel 

I filed ownership of my sole proprietorship in 2019. I have used this platform to paint commission projects for clients and create a gallery of work to display online. Art by Kel is my own brand of painting and creating. I paint portraits, cartoons, designs, still life, and abstract pieces. All pending patents are held under this name and are under my ownership. 


My drawings and doodles have always been a huge part of my creative process. While my paintings and more traditional style of art looks great as prints and framed, my drawings and scribbles have always felt more urban and belong on clothing, merchandise, and other more wearable pieces.   


This line is currently in the works and will feature my line of makeup brushes and eventually an eyeshadow pallet. The makeup brush line is being developed to serve people who have disabilities, trouble holding brushes, people with shakiness, or those who otherwise have trouble holding “standard” makeup brushes. For more about this project please visit the crowdfunding page 

Artist and Professional References

Candace Meadows, Makeup Artist

On the KelBeauty Brushes “Carpal tunnel/ arthritis is the primary cause of the end of my career as a hair stylist. Makeup has supported me through this transition, and has remained my ultimate passion. These brushes will help me continue to do what I love, while maintaining a successful career along with my lash line. Please if you can, donate, share, like, tell someone about these amazing brushes. They’re designed for those with similar issues to assist during difficult times. Let us continue to create art for our clients, loved ones, and ourselves!! Even if you aren’t suffering from these issues, I’ll BET they’ll make your routine more enjoyable!”

Christina Perez, writer & producer

“Meet Kelty Robinson, make-up artist and member of the art design crew for this film-in-the-making. She is hyper creative, always comes with succinct input and insightful feedback to move this film further in to real form. Color palettes were initiated by her for each main character, that thoughtfully amplify the sense, style and personality of the leading roles. A treasure, who is highly organized and always shows up in full force. Premonition: the Activation is grateful to have her ingenuity on the team.”

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